Aynia's Web Design
I was born and brought up in Ireland and have a degree from Trinity College, Dublin in German and Spanish. I did languages because l love to communicate with people.

I have travelled extensively, mainly in Europe doing many voluntary jobs. I cooked on a Greenpeace ship just after college, volunteered in a Kibbutz on the edge of the Negev desert in Israel and rescued seals in Orkney.

On the work front, I have spent a lot of my life teaching English as a foreign language, both in Europe and in Ireland. In the 90s I spent my time as a freelance journalist, web designer and zoo manager.

I also completed a two year course in Media Production which covered topics such as graphic and web design, sound engineering, script writing, photography, along with tv and film production.

At the moment I am studying Danish part time, along with some stock photography, web design and other freelance work.

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